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New 4-year Cohort Graduation Rate Calculation Now Being Implemented

Effective with the 2009-10 school year, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) will begin implementation of a new methodology to calculate the graduation rate for all public high schools, comprehensive Career and Technical Centers (CTCs) and charter schools that graduate students from 12th grade.

The transition to the new method of calculating the graduation rate is required by the U.S. Department of Education, and is a more precise way to measure the true graduation rate.

4-Year Cohort Graduation Rates

The following files contain the final 2010-2011 4-Year Cohort Graduation Rates for all school districts and schools with a graduating class (including high schools, charter schools, and comprehensive Career and Technical Centers). In cases of an asterisk (*) the cohort size is less than 40 and therefore not publicly reported.
Please review the FAQs and other related materials on the bottom of this webpage.

UPDATED - July 27, 2011 

PDE -4-Year Cohort Graduation Rates  
MS Excel Documents 2010-2011 State Cohort Grad File pub.xlsx

The Pennsylvania Department of Education will post resources and updates on implementation as they are available.  Please e-mail
with any questions or concerns.

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