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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

The Department of Education routinely drafts and updates policies and procedures to offer guidance to school leaders, educators, parents and students to help create a high-quality learning experience from early childhood through adulthood. These policies and procedures are intended to improve the efficiency and cooperation among state, local and federal entities as we work to build and maintain Pennsylvania's many education resources.

School Finance

The School Finance section of the PA Department of Education's website is the product of a collaborative effort between the Office of the Budget's Comptroller Operations and the Department of Education, who together manage a wide variety of tasks.

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Related Areas

Financial Recovery for Districts
Governor Tom Corbett signed into law House Bill 1307, legislation designed to help financially distressed school districts and ensure education for the children who live in these communities.

Professional Standards and Practices Commission
The Commission is committed to improving the quality of education in Pennsylvania by providing leadership in the area of preparation, certification and standards of conduct for teachers.

State Board of Education
The Pennsylvania State Board of Education has adopted academic standards in 12 subject areas.  The academic standards are benchmark measures that define what students should know and be able to do at specified grade levels beginning in grade 3.