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Act 89
Auxiliary Services for Nonpublic School Students

Auxiliary services includes guidance, counseling and testing services, psychological services, services for exceptional children, remedial services, speech and hearing services, sevices for the improvement of the educationally disadvantaged (such as, but not limited to, teaching English as a second language), and other secular, neutral, nonideological services of a supplementary and remedial nature.

These state-funded services are provided directly by the local intermediate unit to students enrolled in a nonprofit private school within the intermediate unit.  The school must affirm the eligibility of students and facilitate the delivery of services.  The local intermediate unit makes the final determination regarding what services shall be provided after counsulting with the nonpublic school to determine which general categories of children shall receive services, what services shall be provided, how and where the services shall be provided and how the services shall be evaluated.  These are not services that would carry an individualized entitlement for students but, rather, are provided subject to limitations of funding appropriated annually in the state budget.  Services may be provided in the schools which students attend, in mobile instructional units located on the grounds of the students' schools or in other settings mutually agreed upon by the school and intermediate unit (subject to the extent permitted by the Pennsylvania and US constitutions).

A full description of Auxiliary Services and the regulations governing service delivery can be found at Chapter 112 - Auxilary Services for Nonpublic School Students.

For a school to participate in the Auxiliary Services program, you can click Affirmation Form (PDF) to upload the form, print, complete and submit to the Division of Planning.  NOTE:  This program is for those schools that are licensed or registered with the Department of Education. 

Acts 195/90/35
Loan of Textbooks, Instructional Materials & Equipment for Nonpublic School Students

NEW - Act 195/90/35 Training Resources are now available for the new Non Public Information System (NPIS)

PDE is about to implement a new Nonpublic Schools Information System (NPIS) for ordering textbooks, instructional materials and equipment through the Act 195/90/35 Program. NPIS will replace the current TIM system and paper purchase requisition process. Although submission of purchase orders will not be possible until after the 2014-15 state budget is passed, eligibility determination for individual items using NPIS will begin in early May 2014.

Beginning in May 2014 for School Year 2014-15, ALL item eligibility determinations for purchase orders will be submitted online using NPIS. Paper requisitions are being eliminated.

Training resources consisting of a pre-recorded video and NPIS User's Guide will be posted soon on this website to enable school-based Act 195/90/35 Coordinators to use the new system. Please revisit this site within the next two weeks to access these resources.

Private and Nonpublic Schools (Kindergarten through Grade 12) which is licensed or registered with the Department of Education, excluding nursery schools, can participate in the Acts 195/90/35 Programs, which is the loan of textbooks, instructional materials and equipment.  In order to participate, each school must submit to the Department of Education an enrollment report indicating the number of students enrolled in the school as of October 1st of each year.  Based upon the # of students, a per diem is calculated per eligible student totaling an allotment for the following school year.  The Department issues allotments to the participating schools around May/June of each year to purchase textbooks, instructional materials and equipment for the following school year. 

If you are a school and wish to participate in the Acts 195/90/35 Programs, please click the Affirmation form (PDF).  Complete and notarize this form and submit to the address listed on the application.  NOTE:  These programs are for schools that are licensed or registered with the Department of Education.

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