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The nation has established a goal that all students should achieve scientific literacy.  An understanding of science makes it possible for everyone to share in the richness and excitement of comprehending the world around them. 


The areas of biology, physics, chemistry and earth and space sciences need to be part of every student’s education if they are to meet the challenges of an ever changing world.  Each area offers very specific content that is intertwined to make for a comprehensive school curriculum. 


Biological Sciences - Biology of organisms and cells concerns living things, their appearance, different types of life, the scope of their similarities and differences, where they live and how they live. 

Physical Sciences

Physics deepens the understanding of the structure and properties of materials and includes atoms, waves, light, electricity, magnetism and the role of energy, force and motion.  Chemistry studies the relationships between properties and structure of matter.  Through laboratory investigations of chemical interactions a basis for understanding atomic theory and their applications in business, agriculture and medicine takes place.

Earth and Space Sciences – The dynamics of earth science include the studies of forces of nature that builds up and wears down the earth’s surface including energy flow across the surface and its role in weather and climate.


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