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Final Expenditure Reports
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Final Expenditure Reports (FER) close projects by reporting that funds have been expended and are in compliance with the approved budget.  This report is due as soon as the Local Education Agency (LEA) has spent project funds, but no later than 30 days after the termination of the project.  A final budget revision may be submitted (if within the obligation period) to match expenditures on the FER. 


Local Education Agenies (LEAs) are strongly encouraged to spend funds as soon as possible and to submit a FER to close the project.  Early submission of FERs enables the Division of Federal Programs to determine funds available for reallocation.  FERs must be submitted as soon as funds are spent.

Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP) FERs must be completed on this form and mailed or faxed (717-787-8634) to the Division of Federal Programs.
Contact Information
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Reba Kansiewicz
5,6,9,14,20,21,24,29 717-783-6903
Barbara Kuhn
12,13,15,22,23,25 717-783-6901 
Kelly Iorfida
2, Phila City SD, Phila IU 26 717-783-6543 
Tracy Rapisarda
4,7,10,17,18,19,27,28 717-787-7117
Yvonne Cobb
1,3,8,11,16 717-783-6907

For additional information, please contact:

Kelly Iorfida | Educational Administrative Associate
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Phone: 717.783.6543 | Fax: 717.787.8634
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