Keystone Kids GO!




Keystone Kids Go!
is an initiative in Pennsylvania focused on improving young children’s nutrition and physical activity.  The initiative is targeted towards early childhood practitioners from childcare, Head Start, early intervention, family literacy, and pre-kindergarten programs.  Keystone Kids Go! was created by the Pennsylvania Departments of Health, Education, and Public Welfare, in partnership with:

    • Tuscarora Intermediate Unit
    • Penn State Cooperative Extension
    • Family Literacy Programs 
    • Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network
    • Head Start State Collaboration Office

Keystone Kids Go! has four parts:

(1) Go Colorful!  The Go Colorful! component of Keystone Kids Go! is also known as Keystone Color Me Healthy (KCMH).  KCMH is based on the original Color Me Healthy program developed in North Carolina.  KCMH provides early childhood practitioners with resources and materials to teach preschoolers that healthy eating and movement are fun! 

(2) Go Active!  Go Active! is a physical activity toolkit created to show early childhood practitioners how to increase instant, integrative, and imaginative movement in their classroom or center.  The toolkit also incorporates principles from Head Start’s I Am Moving, I Am Learning initiative. 

(3) Go Learn! is a special section of Keystone Kids Go! made especially to showcase the efforts of dedicated Keystone Kids Go! early childhood practitioners in Pennsylvania.  Visit this section to learn about fun ways other practitioners have made Keystone Kids Go! a part of their centers or classrooms.

(4) Go Healthy!
Go Healthy at Home! This section of Keystone Kids Go! is also known as Go Healthy! - It all Begins with You, and is designed to show early childhood practitioners how to be the best role models they can be.  Look here for healthy tips and information on personal wellness.

Teachers and Care Givers! Keystone Kids Go! knows how important parents are when it comes to providing healthy food choices and movement opportunities for their children.  Visit this section to learn about special projects created to involve parents in kids’ nutrition and activity.